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Rebecca commented on "Cars And Coffee 17+ years " 2014-11-21 5:46pm

That's a lot of coffee! Never spilt one? Very impressive.

Valerie commented on "Canada eh?" 2014-11-21 12:02pm

While visiting relatives across the border -

My 14 yr old:
Yo Mom, why do they keep saying "eh"?
Janie, why do you keep saying "yo", eh?

John McCorquodale
jackdusty commented on "Canada eh?" 2014-11-21 1:41am

I am Canadian but my language choice is shown as Canada (USA)
I speak &write in English, Canada. NOT English USA. Your latest TV advert uses the word "GOTTEN"
which is an Americanism, my grandchildren looked at me & said " could you be wrong granddad, they show your most hated word in full view on your TV. I have taught them that gotten is perfectly correct in America as it is taught & used by all in USA.
Just as COLOR, FAVOR,LITER, Traveled, check (for cheque) center, theater,programed plus all other words with U. LL. RE. & thei extentions.
Winston Chulchill called US, land of the long vowel when spoken i.e. Leezure/leezureplex,preesentation. We have many differences in Spelling, such as DEFENSE, OFFENSE.
On a couple of Canadian TV shows I have heard Mosscow (bovine) Aizores, Glassgow (ow as in ouch) Ayeran , Ayeraq for Iran & Iraq) Aluminum instead of Aluminium. French, German & Indian use ALUMINIUM.. So it goes on, so I could say that I am tri-lingual. Luckily we all understand each other.
The three languages English, American & Canadian

r smith commented on "My experience at Tim Hortons over past two years...." 2014-11-18 3:08pm

dear sir or madam,i have been a tims hortons costumer for over fifteen years and frequenting the wentworth location in oshawa,the last year and a half the quality of service and politness has declined to almost nil,they keep long lines as much as possible so they can create slowness in the drive thru lane,you can spend minutes at the speaker till they feel like serving you,with no one ahead of you,i don`t know how many times i have recieved my order and things are missing or it`s not even my order wrong coffee`s and food,it`s almost one out of three days you will get the wrong coffee mixture .ie double double marked as two cream,oh boy the rudness when you stand in line for another ten minutes to return it is just to much some times.from now on we are starting to go to mcdonalds or the other guy down the block,come on guys i do love your coffee when they get it right.also whats with charging 25 cents for a carry out jam for your breakfast are you going to start nickel and dimeing us now you got a loyal customer base.some things are sacred to us canadians and that one is the right to get a good cup of coffee at the right price and with a smile,please do something about this,thank you for your patience.

Margaret Santon commented on "Ice Capps on Me" 2014-11-17 6:58am

very funny story,Tom and well told.


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